SomethingGUD: What Do Local Retailers Look For In A Brand?

You’ve made some headway with farmers’ markets in your area, where sales and feedback about your brand have been pretty good. So what’s next? How do you get your product into local retailers and, eventually, on the trucks of regional distributors?

We spoke with Jay Henderson of SomethingGUD, a local grocery delivery service near Boston, about what characteristics he looks for when deciding whether or not to carry a brand.

Entrepreneurs can take advantage of this interview in two ways:

First, is to learn the characteristics a retailer and distributor want to see in a brand. While SomethingGUD’s requirements may be less stringent as compared to large retailers, qualities like an organized business model and good follow through on commitments are always desired by distribution and retail partners.

Second, because local grocery delivery operators’ requirements for new brands and products are often less complicated than those of larger retailers and distributors, entrepreneurs can use this channel as an opportunity to further establish proof of concept at a level beyond farmers’ markets. Moreover, performance indicators you receive from selling with a local grocery delivery service are ones you can show when meeting with distributors and retailers about placement of your brand in their portfolios and shelves.

Here is a clip from Henderson’s interview as he discusses the qualities he looks for when working with a brand:

“We try to get a read on the character on the person who is trying to get the product together – are you organized, is your product complete, basically the fundamentals for us are hey are you excited about your product. Are you being creative about your product? You say you’re going to do something, are you doing it on time?”

Watch this interview in its entirety on FBU. In addition, check out what it’s like to work with a local grocery delivery service and the logistics of what is involved.

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