Sean Horrigan PR Guy: Maximizing on Social Media

In FBU’s last interview with PR specialist Sean Horrigan, we talked about the power of public relations and how strong third party endorsements can really help elevate a brand. In this interview, we ask Horrigan about how to maximize a brand’s presence on social media and how to increase one’s following in the process.

There were two important points Horrigan highlighted when it comes to increasing a brand’s presence on social media.  First, different social media platforms target different audiences.  So, just like finding the right retail channels, brands need to use the proper social media platform to reach their desired audience.

Second, although many people think that the social media platform is mainly about self-promotion, Horrigan says it’s a two-way street.  Brands shouldn’t just talk about themselves.  Consumers get tired of the content.  Horrigan says that if brands show appreciation for those outside their own, they may get the same in return.

In asking the public relations expert about the ever-popular question of how to get more followers on social media, Horrigan explained his philosophy about the rule of thirds and how to use that to attract followers organically.

“One-third of your content should be about your brand. One-third should be about topics that might interest your followers that are in line with your brand, so for instance you have a health food you’re bringing to the market, your readers or follower probably want to know about exercise, yoga, running and eating healthy,” Horrigan explained.  “And a third of your content should be fun, conversational tidbits.”

Catch the rest of Horrigan’s advice on maximizing your social media presence along with his thoughts on buying followers on social media in our segment on FBU.  Our last segment will focus on launching a PR campaign and the specific tips Horrigan has for new entrepreneurs starting out in this process.

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