Sean Horrigan: Launching Your PR Campaign     

Our last interview with Sean Horrigan, a public relations specialist, will focus on how entrepreneurs go about launching a PR campaign.  Horrigan talks about the types of research and preparation entrepreneurs would need as they plan out a campaign and also discusses how long it may take before brands start to see results.

Factors like identifying your target audience, writing out a formalized budget, planning how your PR calendar will look — Horrigan advises you should track and try to match your target publications and venues — are all relevant.

When FBU asked Horrigan what factors he looks at when designing a PR campaign for his clients, Horrigan emphasized that he tries to think from a publisher’s perspective and focuses on those aspects that will make a brand noteworthy.

“I look at what makes them unique, what they’re bringing to the market that nobody else is bringing,” he said. “I look at their story. As consumers, we all buy into stories.  You look for any type of angles that might be interesting that you can present to the press — anything that is new and different that will be newsworthy.  Again, think like a publisher and look at a brand from a publisher’s point of view.”

Catch the rest of Horrigan’s tips for launching a PR campaign on FBU.  If you are a newer entrepreneur looking to learn more about public relations in general, be sure to catch Horrigan’s PR for the New Entrepreneur segment, where he goes through the basics of public relations including what aspects to focus on if you have limited resources, how much time to spend on PR, along with advice on setting a marketing budget for the area.

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