Joining a Kitchen Incubator: Costs, Certifications, and Finally Getting to Make Your Product

After learning about the basics of kitchen incubators, part two of FBU’s kitchen incubator series focuses on the costs of working in such a facility, the necessary permits and certifications you will need before starting, and the inner workings of developing your product in the kitchen incubator space.

FBU talked about these topics with Rosalind Freeman, who is the head of development and community relations at Boston’s CropCircle Kitchen.  In addition to explaining the costs and regulations that come with working in a kitchen incubator, Freeman also offered advice to entrepreneurs on how to take advantage of their time at a kitchen incubator.

“I would say to use all your resources – ask other entrepreneur questions and also think about it [the production process] differently, think about scaling up,” Freeman advised, “ because it’s really different to produce 100 cookies versus 800 cookies.”

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