Building a Brand Around an Innovative Ingredient

Evident in booming demand for “superfoods” like quinoa and kale, emergent and healthy ingredients are often a key component in the formulation of new products and the success of brands that bring them to market.

Yet, when you’re one of a handful of brands (or perhaps, the only one) attempting to introduce a new superfood, how do you educate consumers about the ingredient? What are the most effective ways to communicate its story?

In an interview with FBU, Janie Hoffman, the CEO and founder of chia-based food and beverage company Mamma Chia, talked about how she taught consumers and retailers about her brand’s primary ingredient, chia seeds. Once critical step? Getting in front of as many consumers as possible.

“A lot of [it] was me doing the in-store demo one after another after another,” Hoffman said.  “And being very generous with sampling.”

In the following video, which we’ve made available at no cost, watch as Hoffman discusses more about building a brand around a new ingredient. For much more on launching a new brand and working with novel ingredients, watch Hoffman’s interview with FBU in its entirety (subscription required).

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