Adam Dash: Legal Counsel on Forming Your Business

 Starting a food or beverage business can be a very creative and exciting process, but it can also be highly technical, laden with administrative and, yes, legal hurdles.  And while hiring a lawyer can be a stressful — and expensive — process, it’s important to have the right kind of guidance when you’re making key decisions, like what kind of corporation to form for your business and what licenses and regulations you will have to comply with when your food or beverage brand launches.

FBU spoke with attorney Adam Dash about the role a small business law firm can play in the initial stages of business formation. Dash, who has worked with many restaurant and brewery businesses in the New England area , doled out lots of advice about business formation, outlining the types of entities that best fit small businesses, along with the advantages and disadvantages of each.

 He also contends that, for small food and beverage companies, when it comes to rules and regulations, small business lawyers may actually be more resourceful than those in larger firms.

 “Having a local attorney might be helpful because they know more about the lay of the land, the local oddities – which there are a lot sometimes,” Dash explains. “[Local attorneys know] the players on the various boards – and what they like to hear and that personal touch in a lot of these towns actually helps a lot.”

 Watch part one of Dash’s interview in its entirety on the basics of small business law and forming a business entity on FBU.  Parts two and three of the interview will focus on small business legal concerns like permits and licenses as well as forming contracts with employees, contractors, and suppliers.

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