You Ask, We Answer: A Q & A With BevNET FBU Subscribers

Every month, we receive dozens of questions from BevNET FBU subscribers asking about specific aspects of the food and beverage industry. And we love getting them! We’re here to help in any way we can, and because many of you share the same questions, we’ve created a new monthly video series in which BevNET FBU staff members answer specific queries sent in by subscribers.

In our first video, we examine the following seven questions:

  1. How do I find the right suppliers for my company?
  2. Where do I get market information and sales data for individual food and beverage categories?
  3. My product could be marketed and sold within a variety of categories. How do I choose the right one?
  4. What are some things that I should NOT include on my package?
  5. What are the key elements of a 5-star product?
  6. What should entrepreneurs should take into consideration when attending or exhibiting at a trade show?
  7. When is the right time to go back to the drawing board?

For FBU subscribers, here is the full video:

For non-subscribers, here’s a teaser in which we answer two of the questions:

[player path=”free-bevnet-food-beverage-content/sample-you-ask-we-answer-a-q-a-with-bevnet-fbu-subscribers”]
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