What Makes a Good Advisor?

When entering the food or beverage space, it’s reassuring to know that you’re not alone, by yourself, on an island. There are many individuals who are willing to sit down, listen to your new ideas and offer feedback and advice.

Ken Sadowsky is an longtime industry advisor who’s been through the paces with many brands from initial concept to growth and profitability. In a recent interview, Sadowsky offers his thoughts on what entrepreneurs should expect when building and working with a board of advisors, including how to identify and locate advisors that are aligned with your brand and business strategy, compensation and conflict management.

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For much more on board advisement, as well as key insights on distribution initiatives for early-stage companies (Sadowsky serves as executive director of the Northeast Independent Distributors Association), purchase a subscription to BevNET FBU and view his full interview.

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