What Is Seed Capital?

Last week, we made complete coverage of our FBU L.A. conference available to subscribers. With over seven hours of content, including topics such as product development, route to market, early-stage finance and marketing, we understand that it might feel a bit daunting on where to begin. That said, a good starting point would be to review Pat Finn’s discussion on seed capital.

In the following video segment, which we have made available without subscription, Finn discusses seed funding and how it can impact your company. While some new companies are self-financed by their respective owners, Finn discusses why one might consider additional funding, and, more importantly, what investors are looking for in upstart companies and new brands.

[player path=”free-bevnet-food-beverage-content/what-is-seed-capital”]

If this quick segment peaks your interest, or if outside funding is something that you’ve considered recently, then we suggest reviewing the full segment, which is available here.

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