Pitching Your Brand to Prospective Investors

While methods vary, accruing startup capital is a critical step for entrepreneurial food and beverage companies. And whether early-stage financing comes from bank loans, angel investors, crowdfunding or venture capital, the way in which you present your business plan often makes the difference between getting the necessary backing and having to continue your search for funding.

Which begs the question: how does one create an effective and entertaining presentation to potential investors? Learn from those who’ve had some success. In this set of videos, we profile participants in BevNET Live’s New Beverage Showdown (NBS) and Brewbound Session’s Startup Brewery Challenge (SBC), each of whom offer a variety of ways to present new products and brands, in order to deliver a clear and concise message.

The following two videos feature presentations — which we’ve made available at no cost — from Health Ade Kombucha and 5 Stones Brewing, which won the recently held NBS and SBC, respectively. These videos offer good examples of how to design and execute a brief, but effective, pitch to prospective investors. We recommend that you also view videos from other participants in the competitions to learn about the variety of ways to attract, engage and, hopefully, elicit funding for your company.

[player path=”conference-footage-brewbound-session-winter-2013-startup-brewery-challenge/startup-brewery-challenge-5-stones”]
[player path=”conference-footage-bevnet-live-winter-2013-new-beverage-showdown-6/new-beverage-showdown-finals-health-ade”]

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