Distribution and Brand Building in New York City – What Do I Need to Know?

New York City. It’s the country’s largest, and, arguably, the toughest market for CPG companies, with a winding swath of retail and distribution options. The opportunities are vast: New York is the top media market for the U.S. and offers a metro region with tens of millions of consumers. Yet for every big break on Broadway, there’s a hundred flops, and in the Big Apple second chances are hard to come by.

So how do you get it right the first time? We recently spoke with Trent Moffat, the founder of Gotham Brand Managers, a broker that specializes is working with emerging food and beverage companies on gaining retail and distribution authorizations, sampling events and merchandising. In this video series, Moffat offers a framework by which new and early-stage companies can develop and implement a successful sales and distribution strategy in New York.

In the following video, which we have made available without subscription, watch as Moffat describes the key differences between distribution in New York versus other major cities:

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