Cracking Costco: Insights on Sampling, Roadshows

A few weeks ago, we released a new video series featuring Anya Kaats in which she discussed how to gain authorization and best operate sampling events at natural retailer Whole Foods.

For those ready to start retailing your products in warehouse and club stores, well, we’re ready for you.

Today, we’re offering new content from Kirstin Everard, a marketing & promotions expert, who shares critical information on how to maximize the usefulness of Costco’s in-house sampling program. In addition, Everard discusses the retailer’s “Roadshows,” a rotating event which allows brands — that have yet to gain Costco authorization — a chance to visit various locations to sample and sell their products. The Roadshows offer potential suppliers the ability to gauge customer interest, and, of course, the opportunity to sell a few pallets of product.

In the following video, which we have made available for free, Everard shares important advice that brands need to know before showing for the day of their Roadshow.

[player path=”free-bevnet-food-beverage-content/what-advice-would-you-give-an-entrepreneur-to-gain-a-costco-roadshow-approval”]

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