Considerations When Naming a Product

When adding new content, we often look to work with individuals that have contributed to the development of successful food and beverage brands. And so when we found out that one marketing firm was behind the branding for companies like Late July, Marley’s One Drop and Left Hand Brewing, we knew an interview with its founder was a necessity for our site.

Moxie Sozo, is a Boulder, Colo.-based design and advertising agency with a mission to build “profound connections with consumers by creating brands that stimulate the intellect and stir the soul.” (Yep. We definitely needed an interview.)

Recently, we sat down with Leif Steiner, founder, Moxie Sozo, to discuss the company’s approach to marketing and branding, as well as his view on creating stand-out packaging, competitive audits and establishing memorable brand identity.

Watch this video in which Steiner offers guidance on what entrepreneurs should consider when naming their brands or products, and for much more on Steiner’s insights on branding, design and advertising, log-in or purchase a subscription to BevNET FBU.

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