Common Pitfalls in Branding and Packaging

When industry experts are asked to evaluate a new product, one question is often raised: is this a ‘me-too’ product or does it stand on its own as a unique offering?

Becky Nelson, the founder Bex Brands, a San Diego-based marketing and branding firm, believes that it’s never a good idea to introduce a new product with the mindset of “I want to be like [another product on the market].”

BevNET FBU - Becky Nelson - Bex Brands

“Finding your own voice really allows you to not only compete against that first person (or product) but exceed what they have done,” Nelson said.

Here at FBU, we couldn’t agree more. Having your own spin, package or message is critical to standing out, and in this video series, Nelson discusses common pitfalls in branding and packaging and offers key insights on how entrepreneurs can avoid them.

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