Chobani Announces Plans to “Invest in and Cultivate Emerging Food Entrepreneurs”

Ray Latif

Earlier this week, Chobani founder Hamdi Ulukaya announced plans to launch the Chobani Food Incubator, a new program that will “invest in, support, and scale young and growing companies” that focus on creating healthy and natural products.

The Incubator will be based in New York City and will include a commercial kitchen and office space, according to a statement from Chobani. The company also noted that entrepreneurs that take part in the six-month program will have access to leading innovators and chefs in the food industry.

Hamdi Ulukaya, founder and CEO, Chobani, announces the Chobani Food Incubator at the New York Times Food for Tomorrow Conference

“Today we’re opening our doors to entrepreneurs who share our vision for better food for tomorrow–food that’s natural and affordable,” Ulukaya said. “Making a product the right way is not always easy, but we’ve proven that the model works. I’m excited to work with entrepreneurs who share our goal and who can benefit from our experience.”

Chobani will begin to take pitches from interested entrepreneurs on beginning in December.

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