A Look At The Numbers – Where Are Beverages Growing?

Understanding the key drivers, trends, and emerging retail opportunities in the health and wellness market is of critical importance for many entrepreneurial beverage companies, and has been the focus of research firm SPINS since its inception in 1995. At BevNET Live Winter 12, Bobbi Leahy, the Director of Sales, West, SPINS presented a series of current trends in the health and wellness beverage market, enabling attendees to gauge the positioning and progress of their respective brands.

In her presentation, Leahy offered detailed retail numbers in terms of sales and market share for emerging beverage types, and how they are performing in both incubation channels like natural and specialty, as well as categories and products that have crossed over into mainstream retailers. Leahy also examines trends and aspects of drink brands that have caused them to move in stores, which product types – including coconut water hybrids, fermented drinks, and chia beverages – are growing, and which characteristics consumers are paying attention to. In addition, Leahy delves into emerging incubation channels for beverages outside of the conventional arena for health/wellness and gourmet products.

Watch the full interview with Leahy here, as well as every interview, presentation, and panel discussion from BevNET Live Winter 12, and range of other topics about the beverage industry, at, BevNET’s on-demand video learning site (subscription required).

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