When Should I Use Multiple Co-Packers?

Finding the right co-packer for your beverage brand is like finding the right person to baby-sit your kids: you want peace of mind in knowing that your product is in good hands and will be treated with the utmost care and quality. The process often requires a significant investment in time and research, but once you’ve found the right partner, you’re set. Or are you?

What happens if your product is packed in New York and you want to expand distribution to the West Coast? Or what if you have more limited distribution, but your product has a short shelf life and needs to reach a range of retailers that are geographically far apart?

In this video, Bill Foley, CEO, Tampa Bay CoPack recommends that when it comes to using more than one co-packer, it’s all about what makes sense when it comes to the growth of your brand and balancing the costs associated with new distribution.

“It’s generally a good idea to find a co-packer that fits your distribution,” Foley says. “It’s a function of how your business grows, and the economics of having a co-packer geographically positioned to save you freight [costs].”

Watch much more from Foley on co-packing solutions, including a detailed introduction to the world of co-packing, from critical tips on finding the right partner for your brand, to production and cost considerations.

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