What Do I Need to Know When Working With a Broker?

Often overlooked, brokers play a vital role in getting products into stores at all points in a brand’s life cycle. For brands that are starting and expanding into new regions and can’t afford the overhead of a distributor sales force, they are often the only option; the right one can be incredibly helpful with strategic advice and effective brand advocacy.

Jeremy Smith of Level One Marketing will help us cover the process of finding brokers and evaluating their service offerings and overall effectiveness in the following two segments of FBU:‘Broker 101: Introduction & How To Select a Broker’ & ‘Broker 101: Working With a Broker & Broker Costs’.

Here’s a taste of the content, in which Mr. Smith provides instruction on ways of dealing with a broker when interests aren’t aligned — and ways of setting up contracts to keep them on their toes.

[player path=”free-bevnet-food-beverage-content/what-do-i-do-if-things-arent-going-as-plan-with-my-broker-2″]To View the full video segment visit: CLICK HERE!

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