The Benefits of Working with a Product Developer

We often hear from new entrepreneurs in the food and beverage space that they have an amazing idea or new product for us to sample. The products are generally in the initial phase of development and usually conceived and created in an entrepreneur’s kitchen. At this point is where most entrepreneurs need help; going from a home recipe to large scale production requires a significant amount of technical knowledge and guidance. Consulting with a product developer can make the process a much easier and smoother task.

In the following video series, Grace Venus, the founder of Venus Research and Development, discusses a range of topics on how to commercialize a concept or early-stage product, including ingredient sourcing, formulation, product testing and packaging. These videos will give start up food and beverage entrepreneurs an good foundation of what it takes to go from the kitchen stove to store shelves.

Watch this video below as Grace talks about the role and benefits of working with a product developer.

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