Branding 101: Understanding Critical Aspects of the Design Process

As the primary focus on most labels, it’s a given that a logo should be a memorable and recognizable symbol of a brand. However, the process of designing a logo is often a difficult path to navigate; every company wants its brand to stand out, but how does a logo most effectively align with what’s inside the bottle?

A seasoned veteran in the world of brand development, Ian McLean, the founder of McLean Design, has created the logos for dozens of beverage brands, including Monster Energy and Sierra Mist. In this video, McLean states that an effective logo is built on understanding not only the nature of one’s product, but perhaps more importantly, the audience to whom it is targeting.

“You need to look at who you are and what you stand for and what you need to communicate outwardly to people when they see you,” McLean said.

Watch as McLean offers much more on the research requirements that a company should undertake before leaping into logo design. McLean also gives his take on navigating the fine line between conformity and distinction as it relates to specific beverage categories. And for much more on logo and label designs, as well as in-depth insight on brand development and maintenance.

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