BevNET Launches Food and Beverage University, a Video-Based Learning Site for Early-Stage Entrepreneurs and Industry Newcomers

Beverage School Platform Has Been Expanded and Enhanced to Include Training and Insights for New Food Companies

Watertown, Mass. –, Inc., the beverage industry’s leading source for news and reviews, has introduced BevNET Food and Beverage University (FBU), the next iteration of the company’s highly successful platform.

BevNET FBU is an on-demand, video-based learning tool designed for entrepreneurs and newcomers to the food and beverage industry. Featuring a lineup of resources and media geared towards early-stage professionals, BevNET FBU covers a wide range of vital and relevant topics, including flavors, packaging, financing strategies and investment, legal considerations, and marketing and branding. Users will be able to get rapidly immersed in everything they’ll need to know about the food and beverage industry.

“Beverage School was conceived out of a desire to give those who are new to the beverage world an affordable and accessible means to learn the ropes of the industry and hopefully avoid common mistakes and pitfalls,” said BevNET CEO John Craven. “We’re going to continue this evolution with BevNET FBU by adding new expert insights, new categories and new types of content, and we believe this will help both the beverage entrepreneur and the food entrepreneur.”

The newly created website will also offer a range of new learning materials that look at consumables in a more broad sense and enables users to understand the larger industry that they are a part of, said Craven.

BevNET FBU includes access hundreds of unique videos spanning dozens of hours of footage. The ever-growing library of content will consist of interviews with over 40 industry experts, as well as complete footage from BevNET’s live conferences and events, as well as a new series of live events buttressing the information on the video platform. Subscribers to BevNET FBU will be able to access the video library as frequently as they wish, as long as their subscriptions remain current. Monthly plans will start at $49 per user, with no contracts required.

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