Oban & Lagavulin Mentorship


Scotch mentors represent and should personify the brand in the field and at events. They are expected to craft an individualized consumer experience by navigating through a conversation that inspires trial and purchase, also leaving the consumer with a positive and lasting impression of Single Malts. To build on their passionate attitude, they must attend regular trainings, as well as self educate to keep up with relevant industry information, trends and news.

  • Possess a passion for the Whiskey and Scotch industry that allows for authentic and personalized consumer experiences with Diageo Scotch brands
  • Maintain an in-depth knowledge of Whiskey and specific Single Malt brands, including its history, heritage and portfolio of products
  • Industry knowledgeable on trends, competitors, marketplace, news, etc. Study and self-educate through internal and external resources (manuals, articles, online, etc.) to refresh and keep up with the changing industry landscape
  • Attend all relevant market brand and program trainings (when invited by event team)
  • Actively engage consumers, drive trial, conversion, and sales
  • Educate consumers on featured Diageo brands with the ability to cross-promote and upsell when appropriate
  • Ability to conduct tastings for consumers (where legal and within local legal limitations and as per policy)
  • Ability to assist in training internal staff and leading educational samplings for trade
  • Review, understand, sign, and comply with all MKTG policies and procedures, and Diageo Marketing Code (DMC)
  • Follow Responsible Server Guidelines and report Guideline violations
  • Understand and comply with state sampling regulations
  • Pick up or accept delivery of event materials from Event Team
  • Arrive to events on time, in appropriate uniform/attire as specified by Event Team, and be prepared to execute events as outlined
  • Merchandise accounts with Diageo point-of-sale (POS)
  • Pay for bar spend or product via MKTGINC PEX card
  • Ensure proper care and return of company property (e.g. uniforms, event materials, etc)
  • Capture data from events and provide insightful feedback on post-event recaps (ERF)
  • Take great digital event photos
  • Report on competitive activity in market and industry trends

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