Supply Chain- Logistics WH Manager

Goldthread Herbs


Goldthread Herbs manufactures and distributes Herbal Tonics through a bi-coastal retail network. The tonics are self-manufactured at a facility in the northeast, with a west coast facility in development and due to come online by the end of 2017. We are a fast-growing company leading the creation of a new category in the beverage market seeking an experienced, dedicated and brilliant Supply Chain-Logistics WH Manager.

The Supply Chain-Logistics WH Manager. reviews existing procedures and examines opportunities to streamline production, purchasing, warehousing, distribution, and financial forecasting to meet Company's needs. The job involves developing strategies to cut costs, improve quality, and improve customer satisfaction. This position will lead and direct all facets of supply chain management including, but not limited to: purchasing, logistics, warehousing, inventory management. This position will be responsible for end-to-end for supply chain management.

Key Responsibilities

  • Direct the activities of all functions involved in the purchasing, planning, warehousing and control of materials from the receipt of forecasting replenishment needs to the delivery of the finished product into finished goods inventory and delivery of products to customer(s).
  • Manage inventory and establish controls to ensure facility is operating at the highest level of performance based on key performance metrics and minimized supply chain risk.
  • Maintain compliance with all regulatory requirements and ethical standards related to procurement.
  • Develop and continuously improve supplier programs.
  • Participate in existing and new product planning processes to assure timely acquisition of materials to support product launches.
  • Develop and implement effective supply chain management programs linking procurement, processing, packaging, and distribution into a seamless process and insuring that adequate programs are in place in all disciplines to ensure maximum efficiency.
  • Transportation Management - Coordinate transfer of FG inventory from production facility; Coordinate overseas logistics, importation and delivery of raw material ingredients; Coordinate shipments to distributors and major customers


  • Minimum 5 years’ experience in supply chain and production
  • Excellent analytical and negotiation skills
  • Experience with customs and importation
  • Must be a self-starter capable of developing and maintaining a team environment.
  • Demonstrate an ability to be proactive in all phases of the operation. 

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