Brewmaster / General Manager Needed

Printer's Ale Manufacturing Co.

Looking for a person to help take this brewery to the next chapter.  We're operating, we're brewing solid beer and selling it in our local market.  All well and good.  But I need an individual that has been around the block, seen behind the curtain if you will, and can help guide this operation to that next plateau and beyond.  I'm looking for a person that has 10+ years experience, maybe with a big operation, that is interested in working in a start up environment where you can make your mark.  The ideal candidate will be a brewmaster not just in name but in fact, has been around and maybe even operated packaging equipment including bottling and canning lines, and has managed people and all aspects of an operation - including sales.  You'll also be responsible for coordinating sales functions and working with distributors.  In other words, looking for all around real world experience, grown up style.  Salary commiserate with said experience.

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