Beverage Formulation Consultant

Consumer Packaged Goods Company

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Beverage Formulation and Production Management Consulting Services

The ideal consultancy must have senior consultant(s) with deep expertise with juices and non-nutritive sweeteners, and must have demonstrated experience in developing formulations across a range of processes, including Aseptic, Retort, Hot Fill, Cold Fill and ESL Pasteurization.

Key deliverables will include:

  • Creating and refining prototypes that incorporate client requirements including nutritional specifications, cost parameters, processing requirements and packaging needs

  • Generation of nutritional panel and ingredient statements in compliance with regulatory standards

  • Sourcing of ingredient vendors

  • Overseeing quality control to ensure product quality and standards, finalizing product and packaging specifications, and offering recommendations for storage and handling.

  • Supervising production and meeting with vendors and company employees at various locations around the country on regular basis

  • Reviewing package copy to ensure regulatory compliance

  • Investigating and audit potential manufacturing partner facilities

  • Developing manufacturing forecast to determine production quantities

  • Maintaining regular communications to keep client informed of project status

The ideal consultancy will have consultant(s) with:

  • At least 20 years of formulation experience in the food and beverage industry

  • Knowledge of packaging equipment, including canning line and sleevers

  • Demonstrated ability to implement process solutions and improvements