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Kodiak Cakes

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Kodiak Cakes Job Opening


Customer Service Representative

Kodiak Cakes

Park City, Utah

Who are we?

Kodiak Cakes is a small, fast-growing natural foods company located in the scenic Rocky Mountains of Park City, Utah.  Our journey with food began by restoring the whole grain tradition of flapjacks from the American frontier.  In the process, we discovered that high quality foods closer to nature are not only more wholesome, but far more delicious and packed with clean energy.  We rely on that clean energy from nature to fuel our active, outdoor lifestyle in the mountains.

We make the best-selling whole grain flapjack mix in the nation and also sell baking mixes, oatmeal, granola, and syrup at a number of retailers.  We’re expanding rapidly as the fastest-growing pancake brand in America and need to build our team with more people that share our passion for the outdoors, bring industry experience, thrive in an entrepreneurial culture, and want to make an impact on the front lines of the food revolution.  We believe that eating real food closer to nature, getting active outdoors, and preserving local nature will bring back that old, balanced partnership with the wild that our forebears forged out on the frontier.  We embrace the spirit of the Kodiak – a pristine wilderness with a rich ecosystem – and we rely on that spirit of the Kodiak to inspire the work we do, the food we eat, and the way we play. 

What will this position do?

Responsibilities include:

  • Provide world class customer service, including response to customers’ phone calls and emails in 24 hours or less 
  • Act as the first point of contact for all order related items originating from customers and distributors
  • Provide frequent and timely updates to customers on all actions taken on their orders
  • Ensure correct entry of original orders and order changes into the company’s ERP system
  • Work with the shipping desk to route shipments according to customer requirements, including:
  • Coordinate shipments
  • Ensure timely delivery to customers
  • Process freight claims, deductions, mis-shipments, etc.
  • Process Advanced Shipping Notices on customer websites
  • Transfer inventory to/from various warehouses
  • Accurately transmit shipping labels from EDI system to warehouse floor
  • Create vendor purchase orders for all items received via customer sales orders
  • Communicate shipment date changes and all other order issues to the appropriate internal and external party
  • Review and approve freight bills in QuickBooks accounting system
  • Assist in monthly reconciliation of inventories between QuickBooks and physical locations
  • Work closely with multiple departments (sales, finance, operations) to ensure Kodiak customers are being represented within the organization

What are we looking for?


  • This is a mid-level position
  • 2-3+ years in a similar CSR position is required
  • Bachelor’s degree in a business related discipline is desired
  • Experience in manufacturing position is preferred
  • Intense attention to detail
  • Strong organizational skills
  • Polished writing and communication skills
  • Ability to thrive in a busy, deadline driven environment
  • Ability to maintain concentration while completing repetitive tasks
  • Familiarity with Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Outlook), Quickbooks       
  • Passion for outdoor, active recreation
  • Affinity for natural and healthy foods

How can I apply?

Please apply for this position by sending a resume and cover letter to AK Toronto at

What else do I need to know?

This role is based in our headquarters near the ski slopes and mountain trails of Park City, Utah.  It will report to a member of the operations team.  It offers competitive compensation, excellent health, dental, and vision benefits, flexible PTO, 401K price match, and a wide range of small-company benefits that will be highly valued by someone that fits our company culture and passion for the outdoors.

The future of food is whatever our generation decides it will be.  We are committed to creating wholesome, natural, authentic food with superior taste to fuel a healthy, active lifestyle.  We feel encouraged by some of the wholesome trends in food today and believe that with a concerted effort we can make an enormous impact in building momentum for natural, better-for-you foods.  If you feel inspired in this same journey, we invite you to apply to join our team and leave your legacy on the future of food.